Ojcowski National ParkJust about 16 km far off from city of Krakow, Ojcow National Park lies in the Jurrasic Krakow Częstochowa lowland. Despite the fact it’s one of the tiniest Polish national regions, the beauty of its setting cannot be exaggerated. Read the rest of this entry »


katowice airport shuttle Katowice Pyrzowice is a regional airport that in terms of numbers of passengers is third in Poland. This airport is situated about thirty km from Katowice, near the town called Pyrzowice. It’s got 2 terminals which can work with more than 3,6mln passengers per year. In 2003 Katowice’s airport started cooperation with the inexpensive airlines. Because of that, the number of flights has increased significantly. Read the rest of this entry »

wieliczka toursCould you conceive the biggest gallery of excavation in Europe? One of them will be occurs in the vicinity of the Krakowian district inside Wieliczka Salt Mine. opened in the middle of the past century it is housed in the non-working area of Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Read the rest of this entry »

auschwitz museumThe Auschwitz Birkenau extinction camp is perceived by many people as the big indication of the Holocaust because it is often mentioned among the largest and also most remarkable extermination camps amid the whole Europe. The concentration camp was brought to life in 1940-ies after Poland was joined by the German Nazis and immediately was the central location of massive death of mainly Jews. some other fatalities were from Poland, Soviet Republic but also many other regions. Read the rest of this entry »

dunajec river raftingDunajec is probably the most bewitching river, placed in the southern Poland. Breaking through Pieniny Mountains, it creates a breathtaking setting between the village Sromowce Wyżne and Szczawnica town. It also divides Poland from Slovakia. Stunning settings of Pieniny Mountains are not rare while travelling on the Dunajec River Read the rest of this entry »

wadowiceWadowice is a little town situated in the south voivodeship of Poland, just about 50 km from Krakow. Wadowice’s trademark is the remarcable fact that the Pope John Paul II was born at that place. Read the rest of this entry »

Auschwitz campThis exhibits archive set in the southern Poland, in the Oświęcim town, forms the well-deserved memorial in which you will watch the Nazi concentration camps KL I Auschwitz and Auschwitz KL II – Birkenau. The tragic record of the execution performed there during World Word II is preserved in the museum. Stemming from middle of XIX century, the exhibition is scattered in various historic houses. The whole area is placed on the 191m wide ground. Read the rest of this entry »